The Hundreds X XLARGE

The Hundreds is proud to announce the release of the The Hundreds X XLARGE collection, the third collaboration between the two brands’ history. This collection will be available at The Hundreds’ flagships, our Online Shop, XLARGE’s Japan storefronts, and select retailers worldwide.

XLARGE is considered one of the first established streetwear brands in the world. When founders Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman first opened the brand’s Los Feliz storefront in 1991, no one yet understood the immense global impact the brand would have on youth culture. “We were not professionals in fashion perse, but we did have new ideas, and new ideas are sometimes all you need to change things,” Eli Bonerz stated. “…Humor, wit, and sarcasm were always a part of the XLARGE design ideology.” The store, and the label soon after, occupied a unique and unprecedented style—a crossover blend of workwear and Los Angeles street culture, music, skateboarding, and graffiti. The brand grew into a worldwide phenomenon, paving the way for future streetwear labels to emerge and celebrate thoughtful designs. This included The Hundreds’ own co-founder Bobby Hundreds, who cites XLARGE as one of the first inspirations behind his brand.

Now, both The Hundreds and XLARGE have partnered up to honor the spirit of camaraderie within the streetwear world. The The Hundreds X XLARGE collection pays tribute to both brands’ storied histories with a graphic mash up of The Hundreds’ Wildfire “Flag” logo and XLARGE’s iconic gorilla mascot. “The OG (Or iginal Gorilla) was California’s pre-millenial box logo. You had to have one. The bright orange tees, the trucker caps, and the clever graphic T-shirts captured the spirit of Los Angeles in a style that resonated internationally,” explains Bobby Hundreds.

The collection includes a graphic T-shirt, a long-sleeve graphic T-shirt, and a ‘90s-inspired high crown mesh trucker hat.