ellesse and Dolan Bikes Create State-Of-The-Art Bicycle To Race The ‘ellesse Mile’

After two years of extensive research and development, the bike is now housed in the Biking La Manga store, Spain, where it will be used in a public contest to race the ellesse mile.

The ellesse mile is a Strava cycling segment currently known as the Portman Green Mile; one of the most contested segments in the Spanish region. It’s a hill climb of exactly one mile, with roughly 7% gradient at the bottom, reaching 12% at it’s peak, before dropping back to 6% at the top of the course.

To tackle the ellesse mile, cyclists will need to complete the course on the ellesse x Dolan bike, using the Strava app to document their times. A list off fastest times will be compiled throughout the year, giving riders the chance to win
a place on the leaderboard.

The bike has a carbon fibre frame and wheels, made by Japanese suppliers Mitsubishi and Toray, to give a perfectly balanced, wind cheating ride.

The fork and down tube interface and deep section carbon rims optimise critica l airflow, together with carbon fibre handlebars and stem cockpit. Road, track and time trialing the model has been approved by UCI cycling global governing body for use in world-class level races such as the Tour de France.

Terry Dolan, founder of Dolan Bikes, commented:

“This model has undertaken two years of research and development to create. After thorough testing and feedback from professional riders, we are now confident that this model will find its way into world tour races in the future.”