Microsoft Announce Xbox One X

A few days ago at E3 Xbox announced the Xbox One X, and this console looks incredible.

With this console you can immersive true 4K gaming, where action is brought to life with 2160p frame buffers. You can enjoy brilliant graphic details in lights, shadows, and reflections with High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut.

You will also be able to stream and record game clips in 4K at screaming-fast 60FPS. With 6 teraflops of processing power and 12GB GDDR5 graphic memory, Xbox One X is 40% more powerful than any other console. One thing that really stood out to me what that the Xbox One X is backward compatible all the way to the OG Xbox, meaning all those OG games you used to love will be able to be played again. This backward compatibility is for discs, digital downloads and you’ll be able to system link all three Xbox console generations together and have an epic LAN party.

Xbox announced it’s out November 7th for $499 (I’m not sure if this is the same in the UK).

Here is the Xbox promo video below and also a review that iJustine did for her YouTube channel where she speaks to Albert Panello who runs console marketing at Xbox.