SIMBA Sleep Unveils Modular SIMBA Base

Taking architect Mies Van Der Rohe’s ‘less is more’ adage to heart, the pioneering sleep brand set up by tireless young entrepreneurs, James Cox and Steve Reid, has taken the same logic that led to the cutting-edge Simba Hybrid® – the world’s most advanced mattress – and applied it to the bed base.

The SIMBA Base is precision engineered to slot and lock together in a few swift motions, taking much less time to construct – a mere three minutes to be exact! Fewer components, no tools and no complicated instruction manual also mean that the next-generation SmartPack design is less prone to human error – ensuring a smooth, stress-free assembly and technically advanced support.

The sophisticated design – developed by SIMBA Sleep Lab’s team of passionate design experts – is the result of nine months testing and forty prototypes. The final product puts to bed confusing instruction manuals and copious amounts of components and replaces them with a maximum of 6 ergonomically designed parts.

Each piece is precisely designed to interlock and anchor firmly in place. The result is a seamless marriage of form, function and uncompromised quality that promotes simple, quick intuitive construction. The finished base responds to the body’s movement and pressure to offer unparalleled durability and comfort.

As well as the ease and speed with which the SIMBA Base can be put together, the pared-back base can be deconstructed and reconstructed time and again without compromising the structural integrity of the base. With people moving more than ever before, this is an important design feature.

With the innovative SIMBA Base, ergonomic design, intuitive construction and unmatchable durability, simply click.

The SIMBA Base is crafted combining a wood and aluminum/steel frame, sprung wooden slats for support, solid oak feet and is upholstered with a luxurious dove grey fabric. Special attention has been paid to the detail and craftsmanship to create a balance between aesthetic, strength and functionality.

The different materials meet in an elegant and exacting way and help to accentuate the first-class craftsmanship, leaving the furniture with a simple and clean expression.

Order online and a SIMBA Base can be with you the next day.

The SIMBA Base comes in a variety of sizes including – single £200, small double or double £350 and king £450

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All you need to complete this dream set-up is the world’s most advanced mattress – the Simba Hybrid®