Upcoming UK Photographers ‘Run The Streets’ With PUMA

PUMA’s ‘Run The Streets’ campaign message resonates with the go-getters and high-achievers who follow their own instincts, live and charge towards life at full speed, hustle their way to the top and always persevere no matter what.

As part of the Run The Streets campaign, PUMA shine a spotlight on young creatives who are innovating and inspiring others within their field, bringing the message of #RUNTHESTREETS to life. First up are UK based photographers Isaac Cambridge and Jake Millers.

In these two new videos, Isaac and Jake share what it takes to #RUNTHESTREETS in London and Manchester and how their hard work and hustle is paying off. The message is clear – stay true to yourself and keep pushing no matter what!

Isaac Cambridge (LDN)

London/Bournemouth based Photographer
Isaac is a London-based photographer who has honed in on his skills when it comes to architecture photography, choosing to document the interesting quirks of London that people often miss on their commutes. As well as capturing cityscapes and urban environments, Isaac’s versatility as a photographer has allowed him to turn his lens on people and subjects through his Instagram. Next to a candid snap of revellers at Notting Hill Carnival is a chilled shot of the studio life of musicians, and next to a shot of that Parisian cycle path from Inception sits a portrait of infamous Southbank dog Stella.

Video by Highsnobiety

Jake Millers (MNC)

Manchester based Photographer
Still in his early years of productivity, Manchester local Jake is currently one of the cities most active young photographers. He first picked up a camera while at school, citing it as a hobby to fill some time and use as a form of creative outlet. Starting out purely by posting his photographs up regularly on social format Tumblr, he soon began to see an interest gathering around his work. Continuing to develop his visual identity, Jake has been working closely with several local start-up streetwear brands to create visuals for their promotional activity.

Video by Highsnobiety