Levi’s® x UNDERCOVER- SS17

In the late 19th century, Levi Strauss & Co. introduced the original denim jacket. Called a denim “blouse,” the French word for shirt, the jacket featured three pleats on each side of the center buttons that could be opened for extra room, rivets to secure front pockets and the cuff wrist openings and a riveted back cinch to further adjust size. The jacket represented revolution and hard-working American tradition.

Over the decades the Levi’s® denim jacket was offered in three styles later identified as: Type I, Type II and Type III. The most popular and recognised style, Type III, was introduced in the early 1960s and paired with our 505® jean in 1967 and is referred to today as the Trucker Jacket. Worn by workingmen and cowboys, rebels and punks, hip-hop and pop artists alike, the trucker jacket is just as much a symbol of American style as the blue jean.

In commemoration of the Trucker Jacket’s 50th anniversary, the Levi’s® Brand has partnered with UNDERCOVER designer, Jun Takahashi, to release a limited collection featuring all three styles.

Reflecting the design DNA of both brands, the jackets are equal parts music and street culture mixed with the Levi’s® brand’s deep history and heritage. Each style features premium Cone Mills denim that is cut and customised through the UNDERCOVER lens, resulting in jackets that are rooted in classic style with a modern twist.

“There are very few pieces of clothing design that truly deserve the term Icon. The Levi’s® Trucker is one of them. As a designer, those are the pieces you respect and want to work with. Our Levi’s® x Undercover collaboration with Jun Takahashi is born out of mutual respect. The collaboration covers three key designs in the history of the denim jacket. The Type I, Type II and Type III, so you have the history of the Trucker spliced with Undercover’s street style.”

“When I slip my Levi’s® trucker jacket on with a pair of 501®s – the fabric, design and fit – everything matches perfectly with my mood. This item really is a timeless, everlasting piece,“ said Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER.

The Levi’s® x UNDERCOVER collaboration are available at select retailers globally.