Casey Neistats Powerful Message In Samsung’s Oscars Ad

Last night saw the glitz and glamour of the Oscars where Hollywood’s stars took to the red carpet to win one of those gold metal trophy things. For this years Academy Awards, YouTube legend Casey Neistat teamed up with Samsung to bring a powerful message in their Oscars ad, named “The rest of Us”, where Neistat talks about how YouTube and social media creators play a role in shaping the future of content.

In the ad Neistat states that YouTubers don’t have the biggest budgets, fancy equipment or big award shows, but they do have their phones, guts and the most important thing…. “ideas”. He states that its not the size of the production that matters but it’s what you make and the main thing, when these creators are told they can’t, they have one thing in common and that’s to say “watch me”.

This has got me thinking.. just get out there and create, do what you love, but mainly ACTUALLY DO IT.