Crep Protect Presents OG SNEAKERHEAD EP:1 “The Re-Up”

Check out the first episode of Crep Protect’s OG Sneaker Head Series.

The first episode sees a devoted sneaker head rocking a pair of Nike Air Max 90’s and a sneaker mask constructed from a pair of infareds.

The OG SH wakes up and starts to clean his sneakers and mask with his essential products. When he realises his bottle of Crep Protect spray is empty, he freaks out and does whatever it takes to find his favourite product

Being a OG Sneaker Head is a hard enough job in itself, however what happens when you cannot maintain that lifestyle. For the latest episode it observes the insanity that the OG Sneaker Head plunges into when he cannot get his fix. Hopefully he can show you why and what!