Beme 1.0.0 Is Now Live

For the past month or so I’ve been checking out Beme.

Beme is the brain child of film-maker and YouTube star Casey Neistat (check out Casey’s YouTube channel, its great). With Beme you are able to post videos by holding your phone to your chest, but still be able to see what you are looking at with your own eyes… not through the phone screen. It’s new, fresh and now. No filters or editing, just videos being posted exactly how you see the world.

I tried Beme in the beta version and as much as I liked it, there were a few bits that I thought needed improving if it wanted to compete with Snapchat or Instagram.

Now version 1.0.0 is out and I can already see some great improvements. This app is definetly worth installing. Give it a go.

Here’s a video that Casey made explaining what Beme is and what you can do with it… Also add me on Beme