HUF holiday 2015 footwear

The HUF Holiday 2015 Footwear Collection has just arrived, demonstrating a mature and sophisticated sense of style and materialization that speaks true to the brand’s aesthetic. Incorporating a meticulously selected range of choice fabrics sourced and handmade from all over the world, the delivery integrates premium and full-grain leathers to withstand the seasonal elements in signature models such as the Dylan, now offered in an Italian full grain leather, as well as the Gillette, now available in a premium grain oiled leather. A combination of innovative extra-strength suede, coupled with a unique foxing tape, adds supplementary detailing and prolonged durability against skateboarding-induced abrasion in styles such as the Essex, Prime, Sutter, and Classic Lo & Hi. Inspired by the elements, streets, skate, and day-to-day lifestyle, the collection offers a diversity of silhouettes for all aspects of the season.

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