Prefab77 ‘Damned if you do, bored if you don’t’ show recap

Last week Newcastle based artists Prefab77 presented their first solo London show at Hoxton Gallery entitled ‘Damned if you do, bored if you don’t’.

The show was co-hosted by Breaks and was an enormous success, people came, art was sold and beer was drank.

Prefab77-Recap-1 Prefab77-Recap-2 Prefab77-Recap-3 Prefab77-Recap-4 Prefab77-Recap-5 Prefab77-Recap-6 Prefab77-Recap-7 Prefab77-Recap-8 Prefab77-Recap-9 Prefab77-Recap-10 Prefab77-Recap-11 Prefab77-Recap-12 Prefab77-Recap-13 Prefab77-Recap-14 Prefab77-Recap-15 Prefab77-Recap-16 Prefab77-Recap-17 Prefab77-Recap-18 Prefab77-Recap-19 Prefab77-Recap-20 Prefab77-Recap-21 Prefab77-Recap-22 Prefab77-Recap-23 Prefab77-Recap-24