BRATHWAIT supporting the unsung Heroes of the Himalayas

Following the incredible popularity of their debut quartz watch, BRATHWAIT have returned with a surprise for the new year; an automatic piece created to support the unsung Heroes of the Himalayas, the Sherpa.

The Beyond The Mountains campaign was shot 4000 meters above sea level in the Langtang region of the Himalayas and follows the journey of five of the most recognised Sherpas of the Himalaya.

Together with the people of Nepal, BRATHWAIT have created a new automatic time-piece inspired by Sherpas. These men possess the gentlemanly qualities and hard-working spirit BRATHWAIT strives to represent. Although they lead others to Everest’s summit hundreds of times, often having to save others’ lives while facing their own death, these men are like the average person; they use the available resources, skills, and knowledge to survive and support their families, just as we all do.

For each watch sold, BRATHWAIT will donate a day’s work of wages to them, their families, and the surrounding community. Their goal is to keep the Sherpas below the death zone of 8000 meters, a zone where no human body can acclimatise to sustain life. BRATHWAIT do so by investing in alternatives to climbing above 8000 meters.

Watch is available to pre-order here: 


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